The Space Global is committed to developing LOW COST websites for individuals and businesses in Ghana.

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Ghana Livestock

Website developed by The Space Global

Who qualifies and how do I sign up?

The Space Global will select and develop at a first come, first serve basis. At any given time, The Space Global will work on at least 1 website through TSGxGHANA. An email will be sent to clients where we inquire about specifications and overall project scope. New clients have at most 1 week to respond to our inquiry before we move on to the next qualified client.



If you are a person or a community/group of people who live anywhere in Ghana and have an idea that you want to get a website made for.



If your business operates in any city or community in Ghana, and the company is owned by a person who is also from Ghana. New ventures are welcome as well!

Something else?

Do you not meet any of these categories, but you still do some kind of work in Ghana that you want to get a website made for? 

You might be wondering…

This sounds too good to be true…why are you doing this?

The Space Global was created by Cliff Freeman with the intention to empower and positively impact black people in general. The main focus of The Space Global is to add value to the lives of individuals and existing/aspiring small business owners who want to take advantage of the worlds digital and global economies. 

The ideas to offer LOW COST websites to people in Ghana came about when Cliff visited during the year of the return in 2019. He was astonished by the entrepreneurial spirit and business drive of everyday people, likes of which he does not experience in Boston Massachusetts,   where he lives.

Check out some photos from when Cliff visited Ghana during the Year of Return in 2019.

Full Stack Web Developer

Meet Cliff.

The picture you see to the right (if you’re on desktop), or below (if you’re on mobile) is a picture of Cliff Freeman, the creator of The Space Global. Cliff has been making websites since he was in his sophomore year as an undergraduate student studying Computer Information Systems. Checkout some of the sites he developed on The Space Global’s portfolio page. All the sites you see there, with an exception of 1, are developed using the Divi Theme Builder. 

Ghana Program Director

Meet Abdul.

Abdul “Pendee” Ganiyu, better known as Pendee, was born and raised in Ghana. Originally from Kumasi, Pendee moved to Accra to further his education and technical skills as a business person. Pendee is a natural people person and has a love for music. Abdul will be leading the charge for recruiting the lucky small to medium-sized Ghanaian businesses to be part of the TSGxGhana program.