Launching an Online Business in 2020

Online Business
April 4, 2020

As we witnessed the world come to its knees in complete surrender to a bio virus, one thing is for certain.

You Need to Launch an Online Business

If you have a business that relies solely on the physical interaction of patrons and you were ordered to shut down for two months, your business will suffer if large cash reserves are not in the vault. And if you have no business at all, and you rely on an employer to call you back to work when the storm clears, you are in an even worse position… because you may not ever get a call back.

That is why we need to take serious consideration in setting up an online business to help weather unprecedented storms as the world has seen with COVID-19. And when you do set up the business…keep it, grow it, and employ others.

So we are going to give you three simple ingredients to launch your Online Business. Ultimately, these ingredients are the requirements for establishing any kind of web presence with an intention to do business in a meaningful way. The rationale behind these three ingredients is your ability to scale your business to whatever level you dream of down the road. We are planning for longevity.

Domain Names

First ingredient and start point… Domain Name. One of our major services at The Space Global via Digital Developer IO is developing websites. The company we recommend highly to purchase domain names is Name Cheap.

Domain Names, aka URLs, or aka website link, is the identifier of your website. Every website has one. Our domain name is Think of a domain name like a deed to a piece of land.

We use this company for all of the domain names we purchase for small business owners or individuals when developing their websites. The most important reason we recommend this company to all of our clients is a privacy featured called WhoisGuard. WhoisGuard is a privacy protection service that prevents people from seeing your name, address, phone number, and email when they do a search on your domain. In the place of your personal information, WhoisGuard’s contact information is displayed in the publicly-accessible Whois database, so that pesky marketers and spam do not find you.

Web Hosting

The second ingredient you need once you have your domain name established is web hosting. The Space Global uses a company named Site Ground for all websites we develop for clients.

So once you have your domain (or deed of a piece of land), think of web hosting services like a plot of land that you will eventually build your house on. In this case, your web host is the land, and your website is the house. You cannot have your house (your website) without the land (your web hosting)! So if you are thinking about starting up your online business with the intention to scale it up and down as you like, then Site Ground is your best bet for web hosting for your website. Seriously. 

Your Website

The final ingredient you will need to establish your Online Business is a website! There is a magnitude of routes in which you can get a website established, but the route we recommend is WordPress. WordPress powers 30% of the internet, no other platform can compete.

WordPress is a versatile, multi-purposeful, value-added tool. So if you do not know what WordPress is, you want to think about WordPress’s flexibility and functionality in the same way as you would think about a Swiss Army Knife’s. In WordPress, you can create any kind of website you can imagine. Ecommerce, small business, newspaper, delivery service, blog, streaming platform, payment gateway, donation collection portal… I mean, the limits are only of what you can imagine.

To develop all of our sites on WordPress, we use a theme builder named Divi. Divi is the most widely used theme builder in the world. The reason we use this theme builder is because of its powerful functionalities to virtually create any kind of website.

So there you have it…you got the carfax on what a domain name is, what web hosting is, and how to get started on your website using WordPress and Divi. So get out there..just get started. If you need any help with any portion of the process, do not hesitate to reach out!

“Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are ‘affiliate links.’ This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.”


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