Crypto and Blockchain Technology Consulting

Whether you’re an individual or business, believe it or not, your business as usual can become more streamlined by using cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The only barrier to entry, usually, is education. Hit us up today with what you are hoping to accomplish!

Business Use

The 21st century is here and Crypto is here to stay. Get set up to start accepting crypto as payment, custody your own crypto, and send crypto invoices. Let’s get you on the Blockchain.

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Personal Use

So you heard about Bitcoin, Doge, NFTs, or Ethereum and you are wondering how to get in on the crypto excitement. Be your own bank. Let’s get you on the Blockchain.

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So what do you want to do?

Below are the 6 most commonly leveraged use cases for individuals and businesses. If you see something you like, please inquire below! If you do not see what you are looking to accomplish here, submit your request anyway.

Get Paid in Crypto

Get paid in crypto by your job OR if you are a business, set up crypto payroll and pay employees in their favorite crypto.

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Get A Crypto Wallet

Choose between a non-custodial or custodial crypto wallet to hold all of your valuable cryptocurrencies.

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Accept Crypto Payments

If your business is looking to start accepting crypto as a payment on your website, you have come to the right place. Hit us up today!

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Self Custody My Cryptocurrency

In many cases, your crypto is held by a custodian, like Coinbase. If you want to start holding and owning your crypto, individual or business, hit us up today!

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Send Crypto Invoices

As an individual or business, you have the option to send invoices to clients that prefer to pay in crypto. With a flip of a switch, you can start sending crypto invoices today!

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Global $ Transfer

Send money globally using blockchain technology. Experience almost instant value transfer for a fraction of the cost of legacy money transfer systems.

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Send a brief email about the kind of consulting you need.

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